The Berkeley Startup Cluster seeks to provide an up-to-date list of technology-oriented small and large enterprises located in Berkeley.

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19 companies found
Organization NameIndustry
Aeronet Communications Advertising/Marketing, Mobile/Wireless
Boldium Advertising/Marketing, Consulting
Bravo Your City Advertising/Marketing, Consumer, Publishing
Click to Play Media Advertising/Marketing, Consulting, Games Video and Entertainment Advertising/Marketing, Enterprise
Customer Lobby Advertising/Marketing, Enterprise
Decision Counsel Advertising/Marketing, Consulting Advertising/Marketing, Consumer, Consumer Web, eCommerce, Education
Flow Studio LLC , Advertising/Marketing, Games Video and Entertainment
Graffidi Advertising/Marketing Advertising/Marketing, Consumer, Games Video and Entertainment
Pulpo Advertising/Marketing
Round Corner Advertising/Marketing, Enterprise
Shastic Advertising/Marketing, eCommerce, Enterprise
ShopSync Advertising/Marketing, Consumer, Consumer Web, eCommerce
SocialPlex Inc. Advertising/Marketing, Consumer, Consumer Web, Education, Mobile/Wireless
SoundDisc Advertising/Marketing
Trilogy Interactive Advertising/Marketing

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