The Berkeley Startup Cluster seeks to provide an up-to-date list of technology-oriented small and large enterprises located in Berkeley.

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53 companies found
Organization NameIndustry
Aduro Biotech
Aerosol Dynamics Inc. BioTech, Electronics/Devices
Aethrea/Wind to Green BioTech, CleanTech
analytix Big data, BioTech, Consulting, Enterprise
Attocube Systems Inc. BioTech, Electronics/Devices
AutoMate Scientific BioTech, Electronics/Devices
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals BioTech
Bio Production Group BioTech
BioInspira BioTech
Caribou Biosciences
ChemiSense BioTech
Cinder Biological Inc. BioTech
CMC Biologics BioTech
Cortera Neurotechnologies BioTech, Electronics/Devices
DiAssess BioTech
Dropsense BioTech
Dynavax BioTech
Eko Devices BioTech
Elara Biosciences, LLC , BioTech
EnChroma Inc
EvolveMol BioTech, CleanTech
Exogen Biotechnology
HJ Science & Technology
iKnowMed, Inc. BioTech
IO Informatics, Inc. BioTech
Iris AO BioTech
Knowledge Synthesis BioTech
Laboratory Glass Apparatus, Inc. BioTech
Libby Laboratories, Inc. BioTech
Lumiphore Inc. BioTech
Lypro Biosciences BioTech
Nanonerve BioTech
Nanotech Bio
Nodexus BioTech
ON Diagnostics BioTech
Peter Calcott Consulting BioTech, Consulting
Plexxikon BioTech
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics BioTech
Slingshot Biosciences BioTech
Speir Technologies Inc. BioTech, Electronics/Devices
Spiral Devices , BioTech
Steep Hills Labs , BioTech
Valitor Bio BioTech
Vivacare BioTech, Enterprise
Xip AKA Silicon BioDevices BioTech, Electronics/Devices
Xoma (US) LLC BioTech
Zephyrus Biosciences , BioTech

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