The Berkeley Startup Cluster seeks to provide an up-to-date list of technology-oriented small and large enterprises located in Berkeley.

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38 companies found
Organization NameIndustry
510 Systems Electronics/Devices
Aerosol Dynamics Inc. BioTech, Electronics/Devices
All Power labs - Personal Scale Power CleanTech, Electronics/Devices
Arubixs Consumer
Attocube Systems Inc. BioTech, Electronics/Devices
AutoMate Scientific BioTech, Electronics/Devices
Axent Wear Consumer, Electronics/Devices, Games Video and Entertainment
Berkeley Electronic Press Consulting
Bosavi Electronics/Devices
Build & Imagine Consumer, Education, Electronics/Devices
C.Light Technologies
CHIRP Microsystems
Clarity CleanTech, Consumer Web
Cognitio Electronics/Devices
Cortera Neurotechnologies BioTech, Electronics/Devices
DiAssess BioTech
EcoHarvester CleanTech, Consumer
Eko Devices BioTech
Electronically Monitored Ecosystems CleanTech, Electronics/Devices
Ferro Technologies Consumer
Heliotrope Technologies CleanTech, Electronics/Devices
Iris AO BioTech
LumiLife Consumer, Electronics/Devices, Mobile/Wireless
Monohm Consumer
Picoyune Electronics/Devices
Pristine Inc. Electronics/Devices, Enterprise
Rigetti Quantum Computing Electronics/Devices, Enterprise
Sensys Networks Inc. Consulting, Electronics/Devices
Speir Technologies Inc. BioTech, Electronics/Devices Electronics/Devices, Enterprise
Symbio Robotics Electronics/Devices, Enterprise, Games Video and Entertainment, Mobile/Wireless, Network/Hosting
Tekla Labs Electronics/Devices
Wearhaus Consumer Inc. Electronics/Devices, Enterprise
Wolf Cinema Consumer, Electronics/Devices, Games Video and Entertainment
Working Machines Corporation Electronics/Devices, Enterprise
Xip AKA Silicon BioDevices BioTech, Electronics/Devices

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