Find Space

LIB Logo 400 pixels wide helps you find available commercial space in Berkeley.  The site lists business vacancies across the city and includes property details including photos, descriptions and links to brokers/owners.  Search using criteria such as Retail/Office/Industrial, Neighborhood or desired Square Feet.

Locate Close to Campus

berkeleystartup mapTo find space within 5 blocks of the UC Berkeley Campus search the special  Berkeley Startup Cluster section of  This area is thick with start-ups and office space suited for early stage businesses. Find low cost, transit accessible options just steps from the UC campus.


… Start Up Conveniently Close to Research Centers 

When companies spin off from UC Berkeley or the Berkeley Lab, typically their founders live closeby.  At least ten business incubators and research and development centers are based here focusing on sectors from high technology to gaming. Independent start-ups appreciate locating in Berkeley where newly minted executives launch their ventures with minimal commutes and maximum access to academic colleagues.

From flexible startup spaces to Class A corporate headquarters, Berkeley has a range of available office locations to meet your needs.

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