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The number of connections an average person has is at its historical peak; but the number of contacts they can engage with and utilize has remained unchanged. In an age of technology, we feel frustrated with this archaic way of networking—mainly because of its inefficiency. So we decide to create Etch: a smart personal CRM that intelligently helps users stay engaged with their network, and identify the most suitable go-to contact when they seek help. Dave McClure has over 199 Quora answers, 50,000 tweets, countless Facebook posts - all available online. These are all pieces of his knowledge and experience, which not even 10% of his friends know. This was a similar story for each of our contacts as well – but not anymore. Etch gathers, filters and sorts all these information from my connections online – this not only keeps me current, but also allows me to access all relevant connections on demand when I have a specific need. Etch means: Social Intelligence is in your pocket.
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