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Turbla is an on demand high-end retail platform. We are like instacart for high-end retail. We are creating a location-based platform that brings multiple high-end independent retail stores together on one app and allows a user to shop items from all of them in one central location. After shopping on our app a user could expect their item to be delivered in one or less. We achieve this by deploying a dynamic algorithm that mirrors the retailer’s website and makes items available on the website to appear on our app. our algorithm works in a way that when items change on their website, they change on our app too. We also match items on the retailer’s website to the items in the store. So that only items available in the retailer's stores will be displayed on our app. We have built a consumer facing marketplace app and an internal delivery app. Our drivers will utilize the delivery app to pick up orders from stores and deliver it to the customer at their own time.
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