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We build a consumer Beacon called Dot. It uses precise location tracking to make smartphones contextually aware. With Dot’s room-by-room location data, smartphones can send highly relevant notifications and automatically control surrounding smart home devices. When a user walks near a Dot, Dot’s smartphone app triggers a customizable event similar to IFTTT. These customizable events are found in our free app store. For example, if someone wants to automatically turn on their LIFX bulb when they walk into a room, they can download the LIFX use case from our app store and assign it to the relevant Dot. Some use cases include contextual app launching, digital post-it notes, smart reminders, location updates, and automatic smart home control. We plan to create an active development community around this technology by releasing iOS, Android, and JavaScript development tools. We want to make it easy for developers to make new use cases for our app store.
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