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Bodbox all started when... Chuck Katis didn't make the Olympic team in 2016. And it was the best thing that ever happened. After dedicating a large component of his life to the pursuit of this goal, many would see the situation as a disappointment. Chuck, however saw it as an opportunity. He understood how his training partners reached Olympic gold. He saw the work, the determination, and the focus. And he applied this to his solution. The Bodbox is a data driven robot that knows how the best in the world train. It tracks your workout from afar, and trains you in a personalized, optimized, and intelligent manner. We're working with the top athletes, trainers, and nutritionists in the world. The early version of this project just surpassed our kickstarter goal and we are very excited by the implications our data and product will have on athletes across the world. Love, Chuck + the robot
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