About Us

The Berkeley Startup Cluster is a collaborative effort of:

We share the mission to make Berkeley a more vibrant, accessible and equitable place for startups to launch and grow.

The Berkeley Startup Cluster was formed to help make Berkeley more attractive to startups that wish to locate our city, especially those spinning out of UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Lab.  We also help the local economy benefit from the corresponding jobs, creativity and investment that ensue.

The Berkeley Startup Cluster workplan was updated in 2018 to achieve a future where:

INFORMATION: Berkeley startups have access to relevant and timely information about resources and opportunities.


  • Publicize Berkeley innovation ecosystem activities and resources through the BSC website and newsletter.
  • Publicize Berkeley innovation ecosystem activities and resources through BSC social media (Twitter, Facebook).
  • Help local entrepreneurs access financing through Berkeley funds and pitch events. Help VCs navigate and access the Berkeley ecosystem.
  • Promote mentoring and coaching offered by local accelerators and incubators.
  • Develop metrics to track BSC progress over time.

EQUITY: The innovation sector has a diverse workforce and is engaged in the community.


  • Help local startups to employ a diverse workforce, including Berkeley students and residents.
  • Educate Berkeley startup founders about opportunities to give back to the community and support STEM education
  • Share stories from diverse founders.
  • Co‐sponsor and promote events with a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion.

EVENTS: Berkeley entrepreneurs can attend high- quality events & find relevant networks within the city.


POLICY: City policy supports local innovation and startup growth.


  • Increase elected leader awareness of & commitment to the local innovation ecosystem.
  • Develop a process for Berkeley entrepreneurs and innovators to pilot products, services or technologies in Berkeley.
  • Update zoning and permitting to support innovation activities.
  • Create checklists that help entrepreneurs navigate processes for starting a Berkeley business.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Local infrastructure meets the needs of the innovation sector.


  • Improve internet speed and reliability in the City of Berkeley.
  • Increase public transportation options between Downtown and West Berkeley.
  • Decrease time required to find parking in Downtown Berkeley.
  • Participate in regional solutions to increase housing affordability and Bay Area public transportation.

SPACE: There are more high quality commercial office spaces & wet labs in Berkeley.


  • Provide information and introductions that help founders find suitable commercial real estate in Berkeley.
  • Help existing coworking spaces increase visibility, find tenants & maintain/desired occupancy levels.
  • Promote physical spaces offered by local accelerators and incubators.
  • Establish a land use roadmap for City and University collaboration to grow Berkeley’s innovation ecosystem.

REPUTATION: Berkeley has a global reputation as a great place for startups and entrepreneurs.


  • Increase Berkeley residents' awareness of Berkeley's entrepreneurs and innovation assets.
  • Market Berkeley's innovation assets externally.
  • Highlight Berkeley's unique innovation venues and assets through annual BSC events.